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Name: Massimo
Date: 12/16/2014
Message: Maitre Sandrine Sabbah is very professional and gets the job done. I explained to her my situation and she came back to me with all my options as well how she will go about ensuring I didn't lose any demerit points. She had a solid plan right away and even gave me alternatives should things not turn out in our favour. In the end her initial plan was successful. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person as she was able to take care of everything for me after a few conversations over the phone. This was extremely valuable to me as I spent minimal time dealing with this ticket, once I had made contact with Maitre Sandrine Sabbah everything was smooth and no effort was needed on my end. Thanks again for all your hard work! It was greatly appreciated and I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.

Name: Christina T.
Date: 10/26/2014
Message: Me. Sabbah did a wonderful job in helping my teenage daughter with her alleged stop sign violation. She took care of the situation from the start, and got all her demerit points back, just like she said she would. Her professionalism and reliability is commendable. Thank you again Me. Sabbah- it was an honour to work with you.

Name: Geza
Date: 04/15/2014
Message: Very nice person, so helpful, for sure She wants your best interest with the right advise Thank you again..

Name: robert yancovitch
Date: 07/09/2013
Message: thank you for your help yet again! What a pleasure to always get reliable and dependable quality service from you!

Name: Didier
Date: 05/26/2013
Message: Maitre Sabbah a fait un excellent travail elle m'a sauvé la moitié des points d'inaptitude et du montant de la contravention. Je la recommande fortement, Un gros merci Maitre Sabbah

Name: Perry Shak
Date: 02/21/2013
Message: Me. Sabbah did an incredible job in helping me with an alledged stop sign violation. After many mistakes were made by the courts, she was able to follow up with them, correct the situation and ease my mind. Thank you Me. Sabbah! Perry

Name: Janice Lacombe /Devin Lacombe
Date: 10/05/2012
Message: Thank you on behalf of us both for all your help and saving my sons licence and points. You are a fantastic laywer.

Name: Dominic Montreal
Date: 06/18/2012
Message: Me Sabbah est une professionnelle qui saura vous défendre à 100 %. Pour un GEV que j'ai eu (10 points, avec mention au dossier 10 ans de temps), elle a obtenu la moitié de l'amende (5 points) et aucune mention au dossier. Merci encore!

Name: Issa Toronto
Date: 12/01/2011
Message: I would like to thank sandrine and her team for being able to remove all the points related to a fine which I received why I was on holiday in Montreal. Not only that but also the fine was reduce $. thank you for a great work !

Name: Charles B.
Date: 07/19/2011
Message: Après un appel gratuit où j'ai exposé mon cas et parlé directement avec l'avocate, j'étais fixé (options, conséquences, probabilités) sur ce que je devais faire. Vraiment très apprécié!!

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